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Placing of the project thesis

Project topics
Topic 1:
Modeling of the temperature and air control-line
  Background: Cooperation research project with industry Control and observation of motor
  Target: Engine-map-supported modeling of nonlinear control-lines
  • Induction
  • Generating and gathering the measured data
  • Processing and analysis of the measured data
  • Mathematical model creation
  • SIMULINK realization of the model
  Requirements: Basics of AT/RT
  Convenient: MATLB/SIMULINK programming
Topic 2: Revolution speed control with a d.c. machine
  Target: Interpretation of different control conceptions
  • Induction
  • Layout of the regulator with different regulating rules
  • Real-time implementation of the regulator
  • Analysis of the regulator performance and comparison
  Requirements: Basics of AT/RT
  Convenient: MATLB/SIMULINK programming on dSpace-System
  • teamwork is the central point
  • Opening Workshop – presentation of each group
    Target, work and time plan ect.
    Period: during the semester (according the agreement)
  Project performance:

8-10 h/week
Project discussion with supervisor as necessary

  • Conclusive workshop – presentation of each group
    Results, interpretation and outlook
    Period: before the end of semester (according the agreement)
  Release of the report: two weeks after the conclusive workshop
Performance appraisal
  • Teamwork (10%)
  • Presentation, individual and in the group (20%)
  • Project discussion and project execution (30%)
  • Report (40%)
    -  Please declare who has composed which part responsibly
    -  Bounded version is not required
  • Individual appraisal (1,0 – 5,0)
Contact person:
Dr.-Ing. Birgit Köppen-Seliger (BB523, Tel -2929, EMail:



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