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Automatic Control and Complex Systems (AKS)    dialing code internally [9]

Professors EMail Phone Room
Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. X. Ding (Fachgebietsleiter) emailbutton 3386 BB511
Former Professors      
Prof. Dr.-Ing. U. Maier ( † 10.03.2014 )      
Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. mult. P. M. Frank ( † 12.08.2005 )      
Guest Lecturer
EMail Phone Room
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Guestprofessors and AvH-fellow
EMail Phone Room
Du, Baozhu, Dr., AvH-fellow emailbutton 2953 BB522
Luo, Lijia, Prof, AvH-fellow emailbutton 3923 BB522
Zhao, Shunyi, Dr., AvH-fellow emailbutton 3953 BB522
Secretariat EMail Phone Room
Bay, Sabine emailbutton 3385 BB512
EMail Phone Room
Chen, Guangjie, M. Sc. Stipendiat  2935  BB521 
Guo, Bin, M. Sc., Stipendiat  1082  BB616 
Göbel, Klaus, Dipl.-Ing. 3382 BB412
He, Zhonghe, Dr., Stipendiat 1082  BB616
Hesselmann, Frederik, M. Sc. Wiss. Ang. 3383 BB518
Hua, Changshen, M. Sc., Stipendiat 4291 BB519
Janzen, Ulrich 2926 BB413
Köppen-Seliger, Birgit, Dr.-Ing., AOR 2929 BB513
Li, Linlin, Dr.-Ing., Stipendiatin 4292 BB518
Li, Yan M. Sc. Stipendiat 4269  BB616
Liu, Ruijie, M. Sc. Stipendiatin  1082  BB616 
Liu, Yannian, M. Sc. Stipendiat  2933  BB616
Louen, Chris, Dr.-Ing., AR 3380 BB514
Na, Yuhong, M. Sc., Stipendiatin 2930 BB519
Obergfell, Micha, M. Sc. Wiss. Ang. 4293 BB519
Peng, Xin, Dr. Post-Doc. Stipendiat 1082  BB616
Rafiq, Hogir, M. Sc., DAAD Stipendiat 1083 BB411
Reimann, Christopher, M. Sc. Wiss. Ang. 3387 BB517
Song, Yang, M. Sc. Stipendiatin 2933 BB616
Wang, Tieqiang, M. Sc. Stipendiat 4196 BB413
Wang, Xiuli, M. Sc. Stipendiatin 2935 BB521
Xue, Ting, M. Sc. Stipendiatin 4287 BB517
Yang, Chen, Dr. Post-Doc. Stipendiatin 4296  BB616
Yu, Han, M. Sc. Stipendiatin 4295 BB523
Yue, Yanbo, M. Sc. Stipendiat 1082  BB616 
Zhang, Deyu, M. Sc. Stipendiat 2933 BB616 
Zhang, Jiarui, M. Sc., Stipendiat 1082 BB616
Zhou, Nana, M. Sc. Stipendiatin 1082  BB616
Zhou, Jianxun, M. Sc. Stipendiat  4294  BB521 
Zhu, Caroline, M. Sc., wiss. Ang. 3388 BB523

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Exam preparation "Prozessautomatisierung"
on 02. August 2019 at 15:30
at Raum (Room) BB 416
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